Bible Study Resources

Thanks to the internet/world wide web, it is possible to access numerous sites that offer exceptional guidance and aids for the personal study of God’s Word–the Bible. Below, you will find links to several websites that you may find useful in your personal study. (CLICK ON THE TITLE OF EACH SECTION TO GO TO THAT SPECIFIC WEBSITE.)

Because there are, also, websites that include misleading or even false information and ideas foreign to Biblical principles, attempts have been made to carefully vet the included sites. If you find information on any of these suggested sites that appears contrary to scriptural teachings, please notify us (See Contact Us Page).


  • e-Sword
    • This downloadable program is an amazing collection of Bible study aids, including multiple Bible translations, Lexicons, commentaries, Bible dictionaries, word/phrase search capabilities, and more. Best of all–it’s FREE and contains NO Ads.
  • God and Man
    • Provides brief scriptural answers to basic questions about the Bible and Salvation. The BLOG section includes links to all the sermons of Batsell Barrett Baxter, a renowned preacher, teacher, and Bible student.
  • Coffman’s Commentaries
    • James Burton Coffman was a prolific author, preacher, teacher, and leader among churches of Christ in the 20th century
    • Coffman’s conservative interpretations affirm the inerrancy of the Bible and clearly point readers toward Scripture as the final basis for Christian belief and practice. This series was written with the thorough care of a research scholar, yet it is easy to read. The series includes every book of the Old and New Testaments.
  • McGarvey’s Commentaries
    • John Willaim McGarvey was a scholar, teacher, preacher, and author of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. McGarvey was a preacher who was easy to hear and hard to forget. He was a strong doctrinal preacher and enjoyed preaching from the book of Acts. His favorite preaching method was to take a New Testament text and illustrate it with an Old Testament story.
    • McGarvey was a very prolific writer. For more than 40 years, articles flowed from his pen to such periodicals as the Millennial Harbinger, American Christian Review, and Lard’s Quarterly. He produced commentaries on Matthew, Mark, Acts, the Gospels (in conjunction with P.Y. Pendleton), and six of the epistles. You will find his excellent commentaries included on this site.
  • Bible Hub
    • This comprehensive website features “on-line” access to multiple Bible translations and versions, commentaries, and many other valuable Bible study & teaching aids. NOTE: There are also a number of links to sites that contain various denominational doctrines that are not in harmony with scriptural teachings. Always use the Bible as THE only authoritative reference source for any teaching or spiritual question you may be researching.


  • David Chadwell
    • Bible Class Study Guides-multiple topics
    • From 1974 to 1996 he served as the pulpit minister for Oxford (Mississippi) church of Christ. David began preaching for the West-Ark church of Christ in Fort Smith, Arkansas, in November 1996. Due to a brain disorder, David ceased pulpit preaching in 2006, but continued his prolific writing. He retired on his 70th birthday, June 3, 2010.
  • Embrey Hills Church of Christ
    • Bible Class Study Guides-multiple topics
    • Embrey Hills congregation is located in Atlanta, GA
  • West Palm Beach Church of Christ
    • Bible Study Guides-multiple topics
    • West Palm congregation is located in West Palm Beach, FL